Don’t Wait for Cancer Diagnosis

close image of skin on back of body

Whilst research results vary around the globe, it’s generally agreed that it’s never a good idea to put off getting yourself diagnosed if you suspect you may have some form of cancer – there is one particularly good reason for this, every weeks delay can increase the chance of fatality by around 1.5-2%. So wait just four months and you could be adding 30/40% to your risk….food for thought?

Some cancers are of course less life-threatening and more treatable than others and fortunately, some skins cancers fit into this category – such as Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) – but even if your doctor feels a non-urgent referral is appropriate, it’s still worth having a sense of urgency as appointments can take several months.

Depending on where in the world you live and whether you get free health care, are backed by insurance or have a hybrid model somewhere in between, this timing delay is still a relevant consideration for various other factors.

In the USA, health care costs are typically increasing at around 25% per annum – in fact, health care is now 5% of GDP (NB – in the UK, the Health Service is rumoured to be the world’s fifth largest employer!) so this can quickly push treatment beyond scheme budgets etc.

With a typical treatment programme for cancer such as Non-Melanoma skin cancer, Actinic Keratosis (sunspots) or BCC being around $1,650 in total, this cost could therefore be increasing by around a dollar a day for every day that you delay getting yourself treated…simply due to inflation and competition for healthcare resources.

This makes some other options worth considering whilst you take the recommended urgent action to get yourself seen by experts.

Whilst we aren’t able to make the same medical claims as big pharma (as we don’t have their $billions in funding) some products, such as costing around the $200 mark, are worth considering trialling whilst you are on the waiting list for an urgent referral, free or paid for. This is because paying a relatively small amount may save you money and a lot of heartache and pain down the line.

It’s a seemingly high cost (for a relatively small tube of cream) but most of said cost will in fact be eaten up by said health cost inflation over a few months as you are on the waiting list. And if the cream solves your specific skin care problem, you could just end up saving on those thousands of dollars of expensive surgery and recuperation by not needing an operation and skin grafts.

Surgery for skin cancer is unpleasant, and for most people, it necessitates taking valuable time off work or away from hobbies and things they’d rather do with their time.

So, the message is simple. Get yourself checked out ASAP, don’t delay your health care decisions, get on waiting lists and if you have the option to check out a product with no known adverse reactions in the meantime, it probably makes good financial sense to do so – and could make good medical sense too…..but also check with your Doctor or Health Professional if you are unsure.