Dr. Williams

An article published in Alternatives in 1995 (Vol. 6, No.3, September, 1995, Mountain Home Publishing, USA) by Dr David G Williams explains the reasoning why, despite all the available evidence, some experts
choose not to recommend Curaderm-BEC5.

Alternatives is a publishing company that was founded by Dr. Williams. Since 1995 the subscription has grown to over 250,000 regular subscribers. Regular people worldwide now trust Alternatives as a reliable source of un-biased factual medical news. The following article was published, without solicitation from Dr. Cham in 1995 (Vol. 6, No.3, September, 1995, Mountain Home Publishing, USA)

“The stuff works. It works so well”
In the Texas Hill Country, where I live, a large percentage of the population is over the age of 65 years. In this retirement area, as well as numerous others around the country, doctors practicing dermatology are in “hog heaven”. People wait weeks for that five minute visit with the doctor to get skin lesions removed, and at $250 and up per procedure, dermatologists couldn’t be happier. These guys are making out like bandits. The same thing was happening in Australia back in 1987 when Dr Cham first received approval to sell his product called Curaderm-BEC5. Dr Cham patented the process for producing his cream and continued his research for five years before he even released the results. Since a cancer is considered to be treated if it disappears and doesn’t recur within five years, he wanted to wait at least that long to validate his results. Many of these patients have now been cancer free for 10 years or more. Even though it’s been 15 years since he first developed the creams, very few people even know it exists. And believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who hope you’ll never learn about it.

As Dr Cham learned early on, a simple, inexpensive cream that prevents and treats skin cancer, is not what some people want on the market. I’ve interviewed dozens of satisfied customers, viewed videotapes and photographs revealing the dramatic differences before and after using the cream. The stuff works. It works so well, that through an intense lobbying effort; the medical community in Australia had the TGA reclassify the cream as a prescription item, severely limiting access to the medication. And it may surprise you to learn that very few prescriptions for the cream are now written for the product. For monetary reasons, most dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Australia don’t recommend the cream and without their endorsement and support, the majority of the public hasn’t been informed of its availability. Curaderm-BEC5 can get rid of the lesion with no evidence of scarring and in the rare instances in which the lesion returns a simple reapplication of the cream will solve the problem.

“Curaderm-BEC5 is one of those rare gems”
Curaderm-BEC5 is one of those rare gems I’ve been lucky enough to run across in my research travels. For every Curaderm-BEC5 type product or remedy I find, I have to sort through, investigate and attempt to validate hundreds of bogus ones. People like Dr Cham, are an endangered species in this day and age. On his own time, using his own money, he has developed a product that could benefit millions of people around the world. But now, he has to deal with what I call, modern society’s version of the “Golden Rule”, i.e. those with the most gold make the rules. Curaderm-BEC5 and Dr Cham haven’t received much of a warm welcome from regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical firms or foreign dermatology and plastic surgery communities. Apparently, instead of seeing him as a dedicated researcher helping millions of skin cancer patients, they see him as a threat to their pocketbook.

In the meantime, Curaderm-BEC5 is an inexpensive, safe and very effective method of treating and preventing skin cancer and keratoses. I think it’s one item that needs to be tucked away in the back of your medicine cabinet while it’s still available”.