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Ivermectin: an inexpensive drug with a big impact

So says a recent article in respected publication, Pharmacy Magazine.

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Despite the obvious complexity of Severe Acute Respiratory (SARS) and other viruses it is perhaps surprising that something as mundane and commonplace as cholesterol may play its part in helping the virus enter our systems and spread so readily.

We haven’t read that cholesterol-busting foodstuffs have any contra effect on such viruses yet but it’s perhaps not so surprising that scientists have turned to studying a host of equally commonplace drugs for possible solutions. Their goal is to try and identify any that may also have a beneficial impact on preventing viruses and possibly even reversing the deadly impact, which is still largely a matter of personal lottery.

With numbers reminiscent of some kind of holy trinity, medical researchers across 3 continents have tested combinations of over 3,000 drugs with 300,000 patients to identify anything that can be repurposed to help fight existing serious virus-related illnesses, increasing survivability, and/or serve as an adjuvant drug to help boost the immune system in those yet to catch a virus.

As Pharmacy Magazine recently declared in March 2021, the low-cost drug Ivermectin, already used with regularity (a mere 100 million doses globally pa) to treat parasitic infections in the intestinal tract, skin, and eyes has been found to have hugely beneficial impacts against viruses. In fact, apparently in Belgium, previously at the top of the per-capita virus infection league in 2020, a serious plan has been put forward to use Ivermectin to eradicate the spread of the SARS virus in just six weeks.

It’s hard then to imagine why such a wonder drug has not been more widely prescribed with some urgency but it’s a sad fact that it isn’t approved for over-the-counter sales in all markets and regulators seem unwilling to afford it the same fast track clearances given to other recent multi-$billion vaccine developments. Your guess is as good as ours as to why that might be the case? Numerous recent clinical trials with ivermectin have shown consistent large improvements in clinical outcomes. it was shown that ivermectin reduces the risk of virus transmission by 88%, reduces the risk of death by 83% and the risk of further deterioration by about 50 per cent.

More than 20 countries have now included Ivermectin in their 2021 virus management strategies with several seeing infections fall sharply as an immediate result of mass treatment. If you are not within these countries, you may now have the opportunity to purchase Ivermectin directly online. It’s certainly a sensible precautionary drug for the medicine cabinet.

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Ivermectin vs similar alternatives

Hydroxychloroquine, made famous by Donald Trump is the most often quoted repurposed drug with claimed virus benefits and whilst this has received fast-track approval in some quarters this is surprising as Ivermectin has a far better success rate than Hydroxychloroquine.

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Ivermectin is also an easy drug to take. Dose regimens vary but prophylactic (preventative) treatment can comprise two doses of 0.2mg/kg, 48 hours apart, with a glass of water on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal and repeated just once a month. If you’ve had the virus, to effectively treat your infection, you may need to take ivermectin again several months to a year after your first dose. Like all alternative medicines, it is important to take advice from your doctor and with Ivermectin this is especially the case if you already have skin, eye, liver or allergy problems (aside from drowsiness these are the most common areas of minor side effect which can be exacerbated). You should probably avoid Ivermectin if you have severe asthma, seizures, have HIV or are pregnant or take blood thinners


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