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Customer Questions about Using Curaderm

Answer from Curaderm-BEC5 

Yes, you can use the Curaderm again on the same area of skin. Since Curaderm does not scar the skin tissue there is nothing to worry about. The return of the lesion could be new areas, or, in some rare cases a return of the original skin cancer. Clinical trials followed subjects for 10 years and no return was documented.  So, in any case, new damaged cells or a return of the same case as before, re-use of Curaderm cream is absolutely fine. 

Answer from Curaderm BEC5 Support

Please see simple steps to cleaning and applying BEC5 creme.

1. Identify affected site.
2. Wash with antibacterial soap and rinse with running water
3. Use a clean clothe to dry affected site
4. Apply a smear of BEC5 creme
5. Cover with micropore paper surgical tape
6. Do NOT use any gauze.

After the first application, BEC5 will start tracing cancer cells. This will be observed when you remove old dressing in the evening.

From that stage onwards, please follow simple steps below.

1. Remove micropore paper surgical tape
2. Wash are with antiseptic solution  ( Hibiclins is recommended, otherwise any normal antiseptic  solution is ok)
3. Rinse with running water
4. Wash again with antibacterial soap and rinse again with running water
5. Use a clean clothe to dry the area thoroughly.
6. Apply BEC5 creme on the center of the original lesion
7. Dress again with micropore paper surgical tape

Follow this step everyday until your treatment’s complete. I will be available at this email address to answer any treatment questions you may have regarding Curaderm-BEC5.

Answer from Curaderm BEC5

Yes, actually those are pretty normal. The yellow ‘plug’ could either be left over creme or dead skin. The best suggested thing you should do is wet the area until it is very soft enough to be flaked off. Flake off or wash the yellow stuff out and re apply Curaderm creme as normal. Stop whatever you are doing if it bleeds. Rinse the area with antiseptic and apply BEC5 creme as normal. 

You can also hold an ice bag to the surrounding areas to help ease any pain or swelling. Pain killers can be taken too if you wish. It can not affect your treatment.

Curaderm treatment answer 

What you are currently witnessing is totally normal through out Curaderm treatment process. The slight pain and pus signifies that the active ingredient BEC5 is penetrating and eliminating the cancerous cells one by one pushing them out from your body as yellowish pus. The bleeding is quite normal due to sin sensitivity, so please just cleanse the bleeding away and then reapply Curaderm as a new application.

Follow up question on next stage 

Reply on the Curaderm healing stages how to use Curaderm-BEC5

Your treatment’s not yet over if you are still experiencing puss/discharge. Puss are dead cancer cells being pushed out of the lesion after being destroyed by the natural active, BEC5.

You will know when to stop treatment only when fresh new skin completly covers the area and when there are no more open sores on treated site.

Burning sensation is normal, however, it only last for 5-15 minutes for most patients. Sometimes treatment may take longer than expected due to the amount of cancer cells present.

Curaderm-BEC5 Answer – Using Tamanu Oil after Treatment

Please note the reactions are very normal with Curaderm-BEC5 treatment. Pus drainage will continue as long as cancer cells are being destroyed, until they are all being destroyed. The reddness are normal on some patients depending on their skin sensitivity, however, the reddness will slowly fade away.

Most patients are using TAMANU OIL to help remove the reddness much faster and revitalize the skin.

Answer from Curaderm BEC5 

The lip area is one of the areas that are very sensitive to treat, which you are aware of. The best thing to do it to only apply a small amount of BEC5 creme on the spot without covering. Do this with a 20 minutes or 30 minutes interval. This should help ease the peeling a little bit. The peeling won’t affect your treatment, however, please ensure the area is kept dried at all times during treatment.

Answer from Curaderm-BEC5 Support 

Please note Curaderm-BEC5 treatment will continue until all cancer cells are destroyed. Once there are no more active cancer cells, the lesion will start shrinking as new skin tissue grows back slowly covering treated site.

Normaly treated area must be covered at all times. Two applications per day, once in the morning and another in the evening.

Curaderm BEC5 Answer 

​TThe normal treatment regime for Curaderm-BEC5 is 7-60 days, however, treatment may be longer depending on the size of the lesion and how deep cancer cells have spread as BEC5 will have to trace all cancer cells right to it’s roots and destroy them before new skin may start to grow back. 

Curaderm-BEC5 Answer 

There is no problem at all in you swimming in a chloinated water, however, please make sure treated area is rinsed well with clean water and washed with antibacterial soap straight after your swim. 

Answer from Curaderm BEC5

​Please continue BEC5 application on the center where it still red but do not disturb the white spots, as those are new skin growing back. Apply only a very thin layer of BEC5 there enough so it covers the center, and dress as usual.

With the scab, you can either leave it until it falls off by itself, or soak it with water until it is soft enough to be flaked off. Flake it off and cleanse the area with antibiotic solution, rinse it apply BEC5 creme and cover with micropore paper tape as usual.

It is normal to sting that much due to your skin sensitivity and the small amount of salicylic acid which helps to lift up the skin to allow the natural BEC5 to trace the cancer cells. This sting will not last long, it will go away once treatments complete.

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