Dr. Bill Elliot Cham

Dr Cham’s scientific background is interesting in that he has been engaged in multiple scientific disciplines.  His CV reveals that he has published much work in the field of physiology, biochemistry, iron metabolism, pharmacology, toxicology, lipidology, virology and of course oncology.  Dr Cham is well known for his medical publications.  I gather that he has been successful in these fields because of his wide range of studies majoring in chemistry, biochemistry and obtaining a doctorate in the school of medicine. Not many scientists have been able to start from basic research and continue this research to bring the results to a clinical level.  Astonishingly Dr Cham has achieved this, not with one, but with three, projects.

The first project was with oncology.  Dr Cham discovered that various glycoalkaloids found in the eggplant had anticancer properties.  He then identified how and why these naturally occurring glycoalkaloids killed cancer cells but did not harm normal cells.  These observations have created worldwide recognition and scientists have since confirmed and extended his research, and indeed, a novel approach to treat cancer has evolved.  Dr Cham and colleagues established in clinical studies that Curaderm could effectively treat non melanoma skin cancers.  His observations with Curaderm BEC5 were so spectacular that skin specialists (dermatologists) in Australia initially did not believe that Curaderm was that efficacious.

Unperturbed Dr Cham supplied Curaderm BEC5 to ten world renowned hospitals in the UK to conduct double blind randomized Phase III clinical studies for the treatment of non melanoma skin cancers.  Subsequent to the Phase III studies an open study with Curaderm BEC5 was conducted at the Royal London Hospital.  The investigators of all the Hospital Centres were skin specialists (dermatologists).

In both the Phase III and open studies Curaderm BEC5 was shown to be effective in eradicating non melanoma skin cancers including the invasive forms.  In his lectures Dr Cham says that he is satisfied that, beyond a doubt Curaderm BEC5 effectively treats non melanoma skin cancers.

He has been the pioneer in research which is now undergoing human clinical trials for terminal internal cancers and also atherosclerosis (clogging up of arteries with cholesterol) and it is expected that in 2007 human trials will commence on patients with HIV infections.

Dr Cham’s inventions covered by another major breakthrough is currently in the pipeline for possible clinical application for the treatment of the number one biggest killer in the western society, atherosclerosis.  Atherosclerosis is the build up of fats such as cholesterol within the arteries.  When the build up of cholesterol (plaques) reaches a certain stage a heart attack usually occurs.

Dr Cham has developed a system that washes the harmfull fats from blood.  The defatted blood is then reintroduced into the patient.  The defatted blood contains proteins that then dissolve the fats from the arterial walls resulting in the removal of the plaques.  Dr Cham has shown this to be very successful in various animal models.  He has licensed this technology to an American NASDAQ listed company who are now carrying out clinical trials on humans at the Washington Hospital.

Hepatitis & HIV
Using similar technology as the defatting of cholesterol clogged arteries, Dr Cham was able to show that viruses such as hepatitis B, including HIV which causes AIDS, can be killed by this procedure.  Furthermore, the killed viruses stimulate the body’s immune system to the extent, that the killed virus obtained by this unique method of killing these viruses, can be used as a vaccine.  Studies on animals such as monkeys with SIV (similar to HIV) infection are showing tremendous promise.  Last month (October, 2006) Dr Cham has published an article in a medical specialist journal.  He and his colleagues at the Sydney University of Australia have shown that his patented procedure can kill hepatitis B virus and that the killed hepatitis B virus when used as a vaccine offer complete protection when exposed to live hepatitis B virus.