Could your past lifestyle put you at risk of skin cancer?

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Skin Cancer is the most common type of cancer and most people have around a one in five chance of being diagnosed with this during their lifetime. Add on the numbers who never realise they have it, don’t bother to get a diagnosis or simply die of something else and the numbers could be as high as one in three.

That’s a huge number and it’s all too easy to associate this only with those people who have gone to hot holiday destinations and spent hours on the beach day after day or had Aussie-style Barbies in the sun – not that Australians do that so much these days as they are aware of the risks.

The truth is that your current life choices and the past ones imposed upon you as a child can have a dramatic impact on your chances of being at risk from skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), the most common type. Fortunately, it’s also a type that can be easily treated at home with Curaderm Bec5 whilst you wait for that all-important doctor’s appointment before you have invasive and expensive surgery. If it works, you’ve saved lots of unpleasantness and in the small number of cases where it doesn’t, you can simply go ahead with an operation to remove the cancer.

So what are the most significant risk factors that could mean you are more at risk of this kind of cancer?
• You are Fair Skinned or Caucasian such as from Northern Europe
• You have freckles (so maybe ginger hair too……it’s just not your day!)…but we like both features!
• You have ten or more moles on your forearms (elbow to hand)
• You have a previous history of skin cancer yourself or in your family
• You have a suppressed immune system due to an existing medical condition or medicines
• You spent lots of time in the sun as a child, even more so if you weren’t covered in sunscreen.
• You are a regular user of sunbeds or UV lamps or work in this industry.
• You have a job where your face, ears, hands, shoulders, upper chest or back are regularly exposed to the sun. This could include working in Fishing, Building, Gardening, Landscaping, Lifeguards, Postal Delivery Workers and couriers, Fast Food Takeaway Delivery Drivers.
• Taxi Drivers, Coach Drivers and Sales Reps are even surprisingly at risk as they spend a lot of time in a vehicle – for the simple reason that UV rays can travel through most glass apart from the windscreen which is better protected.

So don’t just judge your risks of getting skin cancer based upon the kind of holidays and skin protection you use now, think about the behaviours you innocently had as a child and maybe even think back to some of those earlier jobs you worked, often second jobs to bring in a few extra pounds.

If you get any changes to your skin, moles or freckles get them checked out pronto and if you have to wait a while consider an investment in Curaderm BEC5 so you can start some home treatment. It could just be the best investment you’ll ever make having already helped over 100,000 people with no reported reoccurrences within a ten-year period….and all from just a little tube of easy-to-apply cream.

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